About Quorum15

Organisation:  Quorum 15 was established in March 2008 to provide an independent and neutral environment for financial market leaders to exchange ideas and formulate responses to our industry’s most pressing challenges. Now in it's 9th year, membership has grown from an initial London meeting of 15 members to c. 200 heads of desk from mostly top 20 buy-side and sell-side firms who meet 40 times p.a. in 15 quorums spanning 4 continents.

Format:   Each quorum comprises c.15-18 firms, with members typically being buy-side heads of dealing and sell-side heads of execution services or electronic trading.  Our off-the-record, single-table breakfast format encourages candour leading to more transparent and effective discussion, enhancing the likelihood of finding positive outcomes.  The quarterly format allows progression of on-going issues while addressing new and current topics.

Positioning:  Many conferences and seminars have become too large, too expensive and generic in content due to their very public nature. The ratio of buy-side, sell-side and vendors is often distorted making them too commercial.  Q15 membership provides targeted and balanced discussion amongst genuine buy and sell-side leaders at a fraction of the investment (in time and money!) of a single conference.  We are independent, self-financed and operate under the Chatham House rule and in accordance with our Competition Law policy. Neither a lobbying body nor industry association, we identify areas of consensus that can be fed back into members’ respective associations. Buy and sell-side participants are paid-up members, so non-attendance and attrition are low.  In these cost sensitive times, it is more important than ever to have regular targeted discussion with the right people, committed to the process!


Ø 2008    London equity and FI quorums. 2nd London equity stream to meet demand

Ø 2009    NY equity quorum and London Q15 evening established

Ø 2010    NY fixed income quorum.Q15-SP in London

Ø 2011    APAC equities in Hong Kong and Sydney

Ø 2013    Additional London FI quorum created to meet demand

Ø 2014    Boston Q10 quorum launched in June

Ø 2015    APAC fixed income quorum in September

Ø 2016    New compliance and FX quorums launched in London

Ø 2017    First Q15 Summer Network Reception featuring Regulatory Panel with UK, French,
           Dutch, Spanish regulators, plus SEC and Bank of England

Advisory Board:  Each quorum is guided by an Advisory Board, which is comprised of a subset of buy-side and sell-side members

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