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Global regulators join our quorum discussions

During the past 6 months, as the full impact of MiFID2's global reach has become fully appreciated, regulators and industry experts have been joining our members in discussion in the UK and abroad.  Recent examples include:

  • Dec 2016:   London end of year network reception (AMF and FCA)
  • Jan 2017:   Combined Boston and NY equities quorum (FCA)
  • Feb 2017:   NY fixed income quorum (FCA)
  • Mar 2017:   ASIC and PwC Consulting
  • May 2017:   NY fixed income quorum (SEC and FCA)
  • May 2017:   HK equities and fixed income (PwC, KPMG and the SFC)
  • Jun 2017:   NY equities quorum (SEC and FCA)




Our Organisation

Organisation: Now in it’s 9th year, Quorum 15 was established to provide an independent and neutral environment for financial market leaders to exchange ideas and formulate responses to our industry’s most pressing challenges. Membership has grown from that initial meeting of 15 members to > 200 heads of desk from leading buy-side and sell-side firms who meet every quarter in 15 Quorums spanning four continents.


Q15 membership provides quarterly, targeted and balanced discussion amongst genuine buy-side, sell-side and Service Provider leaders at a fraction of the investment in time and money of a single conference. Quorum 15 is independent, self-financed and operates fairly by charging an annual membership fee. Neither a lobbying body nor industry association, we bring leaders together in frank discussion to identify areas of consensus that can be fed back into their respective associations.
Frankness is encouraged through our policy of operating under the Chatham House Rule. Fairness is ensured by our Competition Law policy which prohibits and discussion that could be considered in any way to be anti-competitive.


To ensure that topics, speakers and content of our Quorums are always relevant and the growth and direction of the firm remain fair and aligned with the interests of its members, we operate advisory boards comprised of a subset of members in each of our global Quorums. To ensure further fairness and diversity, we rotate the advisory board from time to time and maintain a Topics Register, where all members may anonymously nominate key issues they would like to be considered in any given Quorum.


Strategically Driven Outcomes

Q15-SP members join our buy and sell-side Q15 members for biannual executive breakfast meetings and at the annual Q15 evening event.

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