Back Q15 in conversation with CFTC & FCA

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Members of the Quorum15 Digital Forum were privileged to enjoy an exclusive discussion with Commissioner Caroline D. Pham of the CFTC and Rupert Harrison of FCA's Wholesale Crypto Assets Policy Team and to exchange insights and experiences around the challenges of private blockchain adoption, and to discuss the broader topic of the future role of digital technologies in global financial markets.

This was a fascinating, timely and highly interactive dialogue between market regulators and participants covering blockchain infrastructure and tokenisation, getting the right balance between liquidity and control and considering the best ways that different regional regulatory bodies worldwide might offer clarity and consistency amid a challenging political environment, while also ensuring continuing central bank protections across the entire financial system.

As Q15 non-exec Director Stephane Malrait (MD and Global Head of Market Structure and Innovation for Financial Markets at ING) observes "It’s not every day that you can talk about Digital Assets and Regulations with likeminded experts, a CFTC commissioner and the FCA. This is the best example if how the industry need to work together with regulators. We can define how digital assets can evolve and what role the technology can play in Financial Markets across the globe."

Our sincere thanks to Caroline D. Pham, Harry Jung and Rupert Harrison for their contribution to this timely and topical industry conversation.