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Opportunities and risks in digital markets.

Our Q15 Digital Forum brings together industry participants representing TradFi and emerging CeFi and DeFi industry segments – institutions, asset managers and digital- and crypto-native firms – to discuss themes, opportunities and challenges presented by digitally native markets, technologies and infrastructure, and the need for – and scope of – regulation.

Each forum covers two or three topical industry themes, determined in advance by an Advisory Board representing buy- and sell-side market participants and service providers. Where relevant, industry guests may be invited to contribute their expertise and guidance on specific topics.

Q15 Digital discussions are managed in two discrete strands

Blockchain, DLT
and Tokenisation

Opportunity, value and application of
digital technologies in traditional financial
markets businesses and operations.


Forum for exploring the future
potential of new, crypto assets in
professional, regulated financial
markets with crypto-native firms.

To ensure open dialogue and encourage active contributions from all participants, Q15 Forums operate under the Chatham House rule and are subject to a bespoke Q15 Competition Law policy.

As good governance is a cornerstone of Q15 activity, all participating members agree to adhere to this policy which provides guidance and governance with respect to anti-competitive behaviour.

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